Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Karel, I'm a mix of a woodworker, photographer and programmer. I believe in things that are made with care to last. That's the kind of attention I like to bring to my work. I’m sharing here my experiences making things and going through life.

If you want to work with me, or simply feel like it, you can drop me a line at karel@ledrumathe.com.


I simply love woodworking. It is one of these activities I get absorbed in and forget about time. I mostly build custom furniture. I like helping people design a piece for their home and bring it to life. If that something you are interested in, I'd be happy to chat. You can also have a look at my previous projects:

How I got into woodworking building a bike stand

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Can I please replace these white melamine countertops?

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I've been coding since I was a kid. It entertain a love/hate relation with it. Every now and then I actually grow tired of it and try to quit. Not too long after, I'm drawn back to it because it is really an amazing tool. If you are up for some geekiness, you can read my articles about code here.


Photography is one of those passions I sometimes leave on the side for weeks but always come back to. I shoot mostly street photography and aspire at doing some landscape photography; I guess more as an excuse to get out of the city. You can find some of my photogrpahy work on 500px. It isn't much yet but I have more coming.