I love designing and building things.
Helping people bringing their ideas to life is my motivation.
The articles below hide the stories of these collaborations.

One table to rule them all

What do you do when you have a small living area and whant both a coffee table and a dining table? You combine them into a single one!

A treat for the tongue and the eye

A friend makes chocolate, the best chocolate I've ever tasted actually. When he asked me to build a display I wanted the eyes to be as pleased as the tongue.

A cat, two sofa trays and too many fucks!

No animals were hurt in the making of this article. This cat deliberately came to test and approve the new object in the house. That and because cats sell.

Take off your shoes and put on your slippers

As much as I'm not a fan of pine and softwoods, building this bench really made me reconsider it has a valid option to build furniture!

Rethinking handstand blocks for traveling

A friend was planning a world tour teaching acroyoga. We designed her lightweight handstand blocks she could travel with.

Gear porn, meet french cleats

I won't lie, I'm a gear junkie. And two of my main hobbies (rock climbing and highlining) require a lot of it. I wanted a way to organize it.

Curtain rods are boring, let's build wooden ones!

I find most curtain rods and brackets make use of ugly metal parts so I set myself to build my own wooden ones.

How I redesigned my living room out of the 70s

When I moved into my new appartment last July, there was a built-in turquoise cabinet in the middle of the living room! It needed to go!

How I got into woodworking building a bike stand

Five years ago I got a bicycle that I happened to love so much that I decided to build it a massive wood stand so it could be enthroned in my appartment.

Can I please replace these white melamine countertops?

I recently moved in a new place and the landlord let me replace the white melamine countertops with some hardwood ones!

Outgrowing Ikea - Building a modular TV Stand and coffee table

A friend grew tired of his Ikea furniture and wanted a new TV stand and coffee table for his living room. We designed and built quite a nice upgrade!

Custom wooden planters for LeRoyer, an Old Montreal building

A friend recently bought a condo in the Old Montreal and as summer was kicking in, we designed him custom planters for his windows railing.