I think I will build a CMS at some point in my life, after I find true love.

I’m one of these developers that tried just about any CMS on the market. Some people try all todo apps; I try CMSes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also tried way to many todo apps. But CMSes is my holy grail of programming, I desperately wait for someone to get it right. And while no one does, I entertain the thought of doing it myself… eventually.

But in the mean time, I need to Get Things DoneTM. I have couple projects that require a site like this very one you are reading now. I recently wrote a starter kit for Wordpress but I don’t want to use Wordpress. I don’t actually want to run a server. So I extended it into yet another static site generator. Meet Poltergeist:

  • Static and simple
  • Supports HTML with inline Markdown
  • Supports Markdown with inline html
  • Supports FrontMatter to add meta-data
  • Supports advanced layouts and templates
  • Supports SASS
  • Concatenates, minifies, versions and gzip assets (images, fonts, css and js)
  • Generates a RSS feed
  • One command to develop for with gulp
  • One command deploy to S3 with gulp deploy
  • Supports Cloudfront distributions and manage cache invalidation

The focus is to have something really simple that deploys easily and that you can extend as you need. If you are curious, you can read the full documentation on Github. I do not intend to make it much more complex or to turn it into a big project, I'm just scratching my own itch.